Hate the new Snapchat update? Well, you're not alone.

Today I woke up to one of the worst app updates I've ever seen. No, I'm not being dramatic. Snapchat launched their new layout over the past couple days and people are not happy with how confusing it is.

Normally, you would swipe left to view all of your friends' 'stories.' Now you have to swipe right and you get an entire list of your friends. This list shows your friends stories, your personal snapchats, chats and group chats. That sentence may sound confusing - but that's because the update is SO CONFUSING.

Many users claim that it works. Unfortunately, some have said that their Snapchat went back to the new update after an hour or so.

I've tried it on mine and it works...for now. #BringBackTheOldSnapchat

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