The Polar bear plunge is a yearly ritual that is usually done for a special cause with people who are adventurous and a little nutty. It's great to see North Dakota's take it on.

As I was scanning the internet yesterday looking for a good Chinese restaurant, I came upon a pretty funny video of North Dakotans belly flopping into what looked like a pool cut out of ice up in New Town at the 4 Bears Casino.  As I laughed and dug deeper I realized it was a Polar Bear Plunge event that raised $50,000 for the American Indian Cancer foundation. 

Then I started thinking , I remember the Polar Bear events that used to happen back east and I always thought those people were nuts (one of them being my Father who at a fit 74 decided to take the plunge) but the weather wasn't as extreme as it is here.

I really believe North Dakotans are the true Polar Bears. The water off a coast say the East Coast averages at about 38-42 degrees during the winter whereas the water in a frozen lake is about 10 degrees below that. Then factor in the temperature on land which would be about 30 degrees below what you get in a New York per se.

I'm not tough like that . If you are though, here's a couple of  upcoming Polar Bear events for a good cause that will allow you to get your ice on:

The Special Olympics of North Dakota has an event in Minot on March 18th  and one in Dickinson on March 24th

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