I'm going to come across as a speed demon or led foot, but for the life of me I couldn't understand the 15 MPH speed limit for the majority of the city of Lincoln, ND.  Lincoln of course is 5 miles southeast of Bismarck Mandan.

I live just south of the city and frequently take 66th or 52nd on my way to or from work.  Both those roads are 35 or 45 MPH that skirt the city.  Lincoln road is the other major road that goes through the city and is 45 or 35 depending on where you are.  The majority of the residential roads however are 15 MPH?  When we first noticed those signs my son said, "It must be like living in the movie "Footloose".  "I wonder if they even have school dances"?

So, I asked what's the deal with that speed limit to some of Lincoln's finest residents on facebook.  I was surprised to find out it's because they're no sidewalks in the residential areas.  What's furthermore?  They "LIKE IT" that way.  "No specials".  Okay, now I'm picking up why it is, the way it is.

So I decided to take a drive through the residential part of the city yesterday, that I have adopted as my own.  Now I get it.  I saw several families out walking their dogs, kids on their skateboards and even some kids playing hockey all in the streets.  No sidewalks so people have to use the streets to be active.

Next time you are on one of those residential streets in Lincoln, SLOW DOWN!  Kids & families at play.


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