What a great story!  What a great rescue!

What a bummer for them guys with their trucks and their ice-fishing house. What a fantastic series of photographs posted on the Tri-State Diving Facebook page. Come back and click after reading more below.

Insurance right?

Here we go again in 2022, News Dakota is reporting it's time to pull your ice fishing houses by mid-month.

 Anglers are reminded unoccupied fish houses must be removed from all waters beginning March 15 until ice-out.

Fish houses may be used after March 15 if they are removed daily.


Great time for this CAUTIONARY tale from Kulm North Dakota circa 2021.

I had just seen a great story on "Dirty Jobs" where Mike Rowe watched other people pull a truck out of the ice in Minnesota.  I'll skip the network BS and show you a Brainard You Tube video on how you do it...

Yup, that's how you do it.  But what if the ice is already melted?  Well, it was then Detroit Lakes' Tri-States Diving, arrived nearby Kulm, North Dakota to retrieve not one, but two trucks. sunk in the muck after getting caught on crunchy ice trying to exit the lake after another great ice fishing season.

Clearly, they must have been trying to leave, because the house was appears to be hooked up to a truck.

It seems as reported, they were all down in about seven to ten feet of water, which is pretty shallow if you were still out fishing.

Tri-States Diving Facebook
Tri-States Diving Facebook

So that's like a whole 'nother truck yes?  The dive team was notified on March 6th (2021) about the needed recovery mission...the ND Game and Fish website has March 15th as the official get-it-off-the-lake date. So the fishing folks were ahead of the deadline but behind the 60-degree temperatures.

So, best as I can figure...there was another truck out with the tethered truck for moral support and mutual sinking.

Tri-States Diving Facebook
Tri-States Diving Facebook

So back to the truck and ice house.  She's tilting in the water because there's a truck bringing her down!  OK, Tri-States Diving, let's haul 'em out!

Tri-States Diving Facebook
Tri-States Diving Facebook

Check out the all the pictures and try to figure it out yourself on Tri-State Diving's Facebook page.


Well done y'all!

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