So it's official...the Midwest is in it.

It all depends where you are and what day it is. Could be beautiful in Dickinson and treacherous in Bismarck. Lovely in Lemon and Alberta Clipper in Cando.

In North Dakota*, you never ever know what's on the road at least get these thoughts in your head.

(*also applies for South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming and I guess...other places too.)

Winter driving requires cooperation, sometimes a car takes a bad slide and others (including you) need to give that car a chance to stick the landing.

Even a little North Dakota nice to help push them out quickly.

One thing you won't find on the list is wearing comfortable all-weather shoes.  That's not a driving tip that's a simple survival/samaritan tip. If you're wearing flip-flops why should I help?

So read some rudimentary tips that hopefully will inspire young drivers and remind us oldsters that everyone on the road has skin in the game when conditions are harsh.

Just remember don't take conditions for granted and always account for icy slick conditions that could be hiding under the snow. More importantly it's all about being patient and sharing the road as best you can. Accidents happen but there are a few ways to minimize them happening to you.

Ten Simple Driving Tips For North Dakota Winters.

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