It was terrible to hear about the untimely demise of Anthony Bourdain, and after seeing a No Reservations marathon on the Travel Channel I began to wonder...

What would've happened if he came here? Would he have gone to Peacock Alley and then just left?  Here are some things that he possibly could've done:

  • He definitely would hit downtown, Bismarck. Yeah, Peacock Alley, Lüft, Laughing Sun name it, he would be there.
  • He would be involved in a pontoon party on the river, seeing how he got into the lifestyle of Brazil (not just the great parts but the REAL BRAZIL), tells me that he would be involved in the summer lifestyle of this town and that would be on the river.
  • He would definitely go to the Lonesome Dove and other dive bars in Mandan. Like I said, he's into REAL and those places are as real as it gets in this town.
  • Lastly, his wingman and tour guide would probably be Carson Wentz, because who knows this town better than he does?

RIP Anthony, we know you would've come here eventually! 

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