Turns out a member of North Dakota's congressional delegation was on board that train that crashed in Virginia.

West Dakota Fox TV reports Rep. at large Kevin Cramer was on the train that collided with a garbage truck early Wednesday.

One person died in the incident, and authorities reported several serious injuries. None of the Republican congressmen, including Mr. Cramer, were among the casualties.

The train was en route to Greenbriar, West Virginia where Mr. Cramer and the other politicos were scheduled to attend a conference.

Senator John was also scheduled to attend but he was not on board the train. The senator informed the press he planned to drive to Greenbriar.

The Williston Herald reports the chartered Amtrak train had departed Washington around 8:30 AM. The collision occurred around 11:30 AM.

The retreat is going on as scheduled with sessions on infrastructure, tax reform, immigration and as other issues.

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