I'm not really sure how, considering we're in an epic drought.  So far this summer, my lawn is green and growing pretty good. 

I did fertilize a couple of times and put down some crab grass preemergent, that may have helped me out.  I'm cutting my grass on the highest level on my mower, and about once a week.

Some of my neighbors have opted not to mow their lawns during this drought.

It can be damaging to your lawn if you cut it to short during a heatwave or drought, however, you can still cut it according to an article in Popular Mechanics.  You should never take off more than one third of the grass blades.

One of my neighbors on my block has got his undies in a bundy, because his next door neighbor is just letting his lawn go.  He hasn't mowed his lawn all year.  To be fair, his neighbor's lawn looks more like a CRP field.  Small children could get lost in his backyard.  He wants to call the city on him, but will it actually do any good?

I sat down with the Mayor of Bismarck, Steve Bakken and here's what he told me you can do.

You may file a complaint with the city.  You can call either Bismarck Police or Bismarck Public Works.  The city will then mail them a notice to cut their lawn or else?  If they fail to do so after the notice, the city of Bismarck will contract somebody else to mow it for you.  This will end up costing your neighbor a LOT more, than what you would pay the kid down the street to cut your lawn.

I personally prefer to mind my own business, rather than "tattle tale" on your neighbor to city officials.  They may have a very good reason for not cutting their lawn.  You never know what they could be going through.  Maybe try asking them if they need help?  Anyway, if you prefer to be "that guy", now you know your recourse.


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