The clearest way of describing what frightening is

No, it's not a scary movie filled with an hour and a half of a lunatic holding a knife chasing clueless people around some deserted campsite - this act of terror is the real thing, it's called "Swatting", and it's been experienced all around North Dakota and Minnesota as well. The most disturbing part is that more and more people are doing it. Just recently a school in Grand Forks was the target. According to "All across the area, many school districts went into lockdown after receiving calls about an active shooter situation. In Grand Forks, Red River High School was targeted in what law enforcement has called it a hoax and labeled it as ‘swatting’."

A coward picks up the phone OR somehow dials a number through their computer

This is the first step a coward takes in scaring so many people - in the sophisticated world we live in, many times a telephone call to a school reporting an "active shooter" brings instant terror. Almost immediate images of carnage from devastating violence in the past race through everyone's head. definition of the term - Swatting: the action or practice of making a prank call to emergency services in an attempt to bring about the dispatch of a large number of armed police officers to a particular address. - My definition: A insecure piece of garbage trying to stir up attention, not caring one bit about the emotional damage they can bring. "It’s the call nobody ever wants to receive,” said Catherine Gillach, the associate superintendent for secondary education for Grand Forks Public Schools. Thank goodness it WAS only a prank. There were no shootings and after all the time and effort made by educators and administrators going through safety protocols, the truly frightening thing is that Swatting will no doubt continue.


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