I'm not that old to remember the days when I played "Cops and robbers"

This was a game that involved kids, too much free time on our hands ( summer of course ), and toy guns. The "Good" guys against the "Bad" guys - running around the neighborhood aiming at your friends yelling "Pow-Pow", and if played along correctly they would fall to the ground in a mock display of death. Was it a different world back then? I guess, I mean there were still acts of random violence but school shootings were rare. Today with social media everything seems to amplify twofold, with all these dumb TikTok videos that just explode literally within hours with so-called challenges that involve putting people in harm's way. Nowadays toy guns are way too realistic looking, and younger people are becoming quite brazen with them. Here becomes the start of possibly a deadly situation. It's called the "Orbeez challenge" and it could be a disaster one day soon for some people.

"...air guns have been painted to resemble real-functioning firearms"

According to kfyrtv.com "Minot police are warning the public of a social media trend making the rounds named the “Orbeez challenge.”  They said people are using Air Soft weapons, BB guns, or another gas-pressured weapons on random victims"  The video below shows someone armed with one of these, and his goal is obvious, to attack. Now put yourself in a police officer's position, if you came across this scenario at night it would be tough to tell if these were real weapons or not.

You may think the title of this article is maybe a little bit too dramatic

But unfortunately, it could happen. One more thing, police say that "Depending on the weapon and injuries, suspects could face felony charges upon arrest" kfyrtv.com reported. So the real question is, why do it?

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