First, let's define the question just a little bit more

When I say LOOK at your cell phone, I mean is it illegal to pick up your cell phone and look at it at a stoplight? - for instance there you are driving down State Street, and you hear that your phone just alerted you that a text message just came in - of course you know the dangers of TEXTING WHILE DRIVING - we've all heard just how fast it takes for you to lose control of your car, even when you are driving at like a pedestrian speed of 20 mph - at a red light can you pick up your phone just for a second?

You are well aware of the law, and yet you still try and text a simple 3-4 word reply to someone when you are behind the wheel...

...and check it up, police can tell when they are behind you at night when you are looking at your phone, the light shows up on your windshield. Then I'm sure you have probably thought to yourself "Well surely since I'm STOPPED here at the red light, it's ok for me to grab my phone and read a quick text, maybe shoot off a reply.....right?"

Wrong - You would be breaking the law and you could get a ticket

That's right, it's STILL not worth it, whatever text you were going to read can wait until you get home or wherever you were headed - according to "In North Dakota, texting while driving is illegal. This means using a handheld device, such as a cell phone, to read, type, or send a text message or any type of text-based communication. The ban applies whether the vehicle is in motion or temporarily stopped (such as at a stop sign or red light"

So there you go - maybe the smart thing to do would be to just turn your phone off so it won't tempt you to pick it up, even at a stoplight

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