There has long been a war on the internet against cargo shorts. Many people are also opposed to jean shorts.

This war on certain kinds of shorts has been ongoing for years. Consistently stories are put out about fashion trends which seem to change from season to season but certain kinds of clothing are mainstays and there are heated debates about whether certain kinds of clothes should still be popular.

The Wall Street Journal has spoken out against cargo shorts. Mashable chastised cargo shorts as well.

Apparently all those pockets are ugly. Some might argue pockets are part of evolution! Ever heard of a kangaroo?

The Washington Post looked at the issue of cargo shorts but put them up in a battle against jean shorts (sometimes known as 'jorts').

Looking back at Google searches since 2004, the Washington Post looked to see which kind of shorts each state preferred.

Women carry around a purse of some kind for all their stuff. Guys don't have that luxury. We had to move on to cargo shorts because everyone started making fun of the fanny pack. If now we aren't allowed to wear cargo shorts, where am I supposed to keep all my stuff?!

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