Audiences were ready for Incredibles 2 and they came out in huge numbers to see Pixar’s latest sequel. The follow-up to the studio’s beloved 2004 film about a family of superheroes broke the all-time record for an animated film’s opening weekend, with an estimated $180 million. Here’s the full box office chart:

FilmWeekendPer ScreenTotal
1Incredibles 2$180,000,000$40,816$180,000,000
2Ocean’s 8$19,555,000 (-53%)$4,718$79,175,170
4Solo: A Star Wars Story$9,081,000 (-42%)$2,854$192,845,087
5Deadpool 2$8,800,000 (-37%)$2,740$294,680,808
6Hereditary$7,026,000 (-48%)$2,344$27,187,120
8Avengers: Infinity War$5,296,000 (-26%)$2,447$664,199,950
9Adrift $2,100,000 (-60%)$1,089$26,805,145
10Book Club$1,850,000 (-56%)$1,117$62,000,093

Incredibles 2’s $180 million is more than double the $70 million opening of the original film in 2004. It’s also the eighth biggest opening weekend for any movie in history. That also means that in the first six months of 2018, Disney has three of the ten biggest domestic openings in history. (Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther are the other two, currently first and sixth on that list.) So... they’re having a pretty good year? Audiences gave Incredibles 2 a rare A+ CinemaScore, meaning the film’s chances for strong word of mouth are very high.

The other big new releases of the weekend, Tag and Superfly, opened in third and seventh place respectively. Tag, the comedy about a group of adult friends who’ve been playing the same game of tag since childhood, grossed $14.6 million; Superfly, a remake of the blaxploitation classic, earned $6.3 million. Both got a B+ from CinemaScore.

Around the rest of the box office chart, Ocean’s 8 fell to second place grossing just under $20 million for the weekend as it tries to creep up towards the $117 million Ocean’s Thirteen grossed. Meanwhile, Solo earned another $9 million, but after almost a month in theaters, the latest Star Wars movie has only made $192 million in American theaters, barely more than Incredibles 2 grossed just last weekend. And the indie horror movie Hereditary made $7 million; its $27.1 million in theaters so far is a very solid number for a film of its kind.

Big or small movie, the best per-screen average of the weekend was Incredibles 2, which grossed a (sorry) incredible $40,816 per theater. Anecdotally, I saw Incredibles 2 at 8:30 in the morning on Sunday, and when I arrived at the theater, the manager was already putting up a sign that every single screening of the film for the entire day was already sold out. Is it too soon to start wondering if they’ll make Incredibles 3?

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