As I'm driving downtown, I noticed a pretty unique sculpture.

Originally I thought it was a statue that was hit by a drunk driver or a fallen tree during a storm but it wasn't.

It was a piece of art made to look this way almost as if the eagle was in mid-flight.  Very cool! I'm just glad I'm not driving down that street during dusk because it would think that bird is coming for me. 

It's one of the many interesting art pieces on the roads in this city and it really gives some life to it.  Whether it's the Thunderbird statue by the river that we spoke about a couple of days ago or this very menacing eagle carrying the constitution, the art in this town really makes turning the corner on a street an adventure.  

It makes me wonder if eagles exist out here and if they are a real threat to us, especially on the prairie. I guess that’ll be a blog post for another day.



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