One thing that will ALWAYS stand out in my mind about high school first and foremost - FOOTBALL. The times I spent growing up, playing touch football in the streets, dreaming of wearing a uniform and representing my school. Unfortunately, I was not built for anything except maybe frisbee.

Seeing signs on the lawn here in Bismarck and Mandan

I was driving around over the weekend, and saw a bunch of handwritten signs on the lawn of many homes here in Bismarck and Mandan - "Go Century!" was one of them. Usually, the signs that have a player's jersey number on them will signify that he lives there - I love that! The feeling of the community supporting their local teams is strong, and that appeals to me as well.

Nothing beats the sights and sounds of a high school football game

COVID-19 devastated our traditional ways last year, entertainment came to a halt, and sports activities were shut down - local high school football stadiums were eerily silent. Slowly we are regaining our normal routines, like going to a football game on a Friday night. The sights and sounds are so exhilarating. Home team crowds cheering loudly and the bands marching on the field. When you are at a game, you can feel just how generations have played out as fathers who once played for their school, are now watching their sons doing the same thing.

Good old fashioned homecoming games

I have found that the coolest memories are attending homecoming games. The seniors playing in their last year (99% of them will never play football again after the season). The best thing about high school football is that the players play with heart and for the pure love of the game, and you can't teach that!

Super Talk 1270 provides all the play-by-play action

One of our sister stations Super Talk 1270 does an incredible job covering local high school football action - Rob Meltzer provides a wonderful flair of delivering all the excitement of each play to us on the radio. Click the link above for all the games that are available to listen to this season.


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