Springtime has officially arrived in North Dakota and all across the Northern Hemisphere.

As the U.S. Naval Observatory reports, 4:58 PM Wednesday March 20th marked the vernal equinox, the astronomical changing of the seasons.

Spring, a time of "renewal," has traditionally been a time for pagan/religious fertility rites (including Easter, Sunday, which falls this year on April 21).

Spring this year brings mixed news, weather-wise. While many parts of the continent are enjoying warm sunshine, others are hunkering down for severe weather, most notably some "historic" flooding in the Midwest.

It also marks the beginning of tornado season for much of the U.S. as the changing temperatures contribute to volatility in the atmosphere.

Locally, the forecast promises a little bit of everything over the next few days. Expect some rain, as well as snow showers, and some sunny days mixed in. Bear in mind that the last big blast of winter in our region has been known to come as late as May.

That all being said, it's a time for longer days and warmer temps - so enjoy!

[Source: CNN, U.S. Naval Observatory]

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