It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Now you can unload all that clutter you once thought you might use.  Let's face's just time to say so long. Hoping we may remain blizzard-free next week, the cities of Bismarck and Mandan have both rescheduled their spring clean-up weeks for the first week in May.

Not to be denied, the weather is taking out one annual clean-up event.

Each spring hundreds of volunteers take to the ditches of major roadways around Mandan collecting tons of trash.  This year it was scheduled for Saturday, April 30th but Mother Nature had already scheduled another crappy weather weekend.  So instead of subjecting volunteers to a very cold, very windy, and very wet day trudging through thoroughly damp ditches, Community Litter Clean-Up Day has been canceled for Saturday.  You can still select a route you'd like to clean at a later date.  More information can be found here.

Here's everything you need to know about our rescheduled clean-up weeks.

First up, let's talk about Mandan's spring clean-up week that is now scheduled for May 2-7.  It actually starts on Saturday, April 30th for the Mandan landfill where with proof of Mandan residency you can take your stuff to the landfill for free.  But on your regularly scheduled garbage day crews will come by your home and also load up your junk for free. One special note in Mandan, those bulky items put out for special pick-up MUST BE ON THE BOULEVARD. These items will not be picked up in the alleyways.

Mandan clean-up rules and regulations are found in their entirety by clicking here.

Now we turn to Bismarck's spring clean-up week which takes place city wide May 2-5. Note that Bismarck residents will also have free landfill disposal May 2-7. One thing Bismarck always makes a point of clarifying...

It is illegal to remove any refuse set out for collection. Blasphemy I say.

I MEAN COME ON!  Bismarck is saying that if you drive by a pile of boulevard junk and instantly fall in love with some three-legged chair, you can't just pull over and throw it in the back. This goes against every Sanford and Son instinct in my body. It seems Bismarck is also emphasizing putting your junk on the boulevard.  At my last Bismarck place, I always loaded my piles in the alley but maybe that has changed.

Bismarck clean-up rules and regulations are found in their entirety by clicking here.

Now you know the facts and now is the time to just let it go.

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