We usually stock up on items when it's winter time in North Dakota, but you may want to keep an eye out on these items before they become more scarce.

1. Cooking Oil

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Your ability to obtain some vegetable oils may be impacted if you choose to switch to biofuels from fossil fuels. According to the Food Institute, the method of producing biodiesel currently includes the use of canola and soybean oils in addition to traditional cooking oils. The utilization of vegetable oil for purposes other than cooking generates additional demand. A scarcity is unavoidable when producers are attempting to meet the rising demand while having limited supply due to the unfavorable weather.

2. Rice

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According to CNBC, the low supply of rice has led to a global scarcity due to a combination of factors, including the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and terrible weather in rice-producing regions like China and Pakistan. There is optimism that, in 2024, this shortfall will have ended.

3. Flour

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One of the world's primary producers of wheat, Ukraine, was severely interrupted by Russia's continuous invasion, which had a cascading effect on bakery products like bread. In addition to growing costs for wheat products, there may be a shortage due to India's export ban, which was implemented to safeguard domestic food security. While certain states that have reduced their grocery taxes might contribute to the affordability of goods.

4. Corn

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Corn is under the same supply chain stress as wheat and rice due to the conflict in Ukraine. According to The Dairy Reporter, as producers work to meet market demands, corn prices should continue to rise.

5. Champagne

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Champagne demand decreased in 2020 and then increased again in 2021, according to Wine Enthusiast. This led to a dilemma because the Champagne region's trade association, the CIVC, lowered the production cap in response to the decline in demand. This shortfall is anticipated to persist for several years as manufacturing attempts to return to a regular schedule despite the heightened demand from consumers.

6. Eggs/Poultry

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The avian flu pandemic in 2022 and 2023 might have a lasting effect on the supply of eggs in 2024 and beyond, claims Green Matters. Farmers are losing millions of birds as a result of this devastating outbreak, which reduces the number of birds that may lay eggs. With the cost of produce at grocery shops continuing to rise, buying a carton is becoming increasingly challenging.

7. Beef

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The Washington Times reports that droughts starting in 2022 will likely have an impact on the supply of beef in 2023 and 2024. In 2022, culling was enhanced in order to reduce the number of cows for years to come since there was not enough grass to feed the cattle, and farmers sought to minimize the rising expenses of feed.

8. Sugar

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Business Insider reports that India, a significant sugar producer, has decided against increasing its export limit. Concerns of a worldwide shortage of the product are raised by the poor supply of the commodity in other key producers like Brazil, Europe, Mexico, Thailand, China, and Pakistan. This may be the reason for any price increases you're experiencing for sugar.

9. Lettuce

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Iceberg and romaine lettuce varieties suffered significant losses due to crop disease and unusually high temperatures in Central California, which affected lettuce growers. Experts from the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service believe that crop losses in California this year might underscore the vulnerability of the country's food supply chain in addition to affecting availability and costs at supermarkets and dining establishments.

10. Canned Pet Food

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The continuing shortage of aluminum and shipping issues have led to shortages in dog and cat food across the country, with several local papers reporting bare shelves at pet stores.

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