Guess what? People make mistakes, I get it

I really do, however, when a mistake is repeated more than once - which could easily result in an innocent person or persons dying, then I have a problem with it. Here is a cold hard fact for you - according to "There are thousands of registered drivers in North Dakota, and one in six have something in common: a DUI. When it comes to DUI arrests, ND outranks most states. Many reports have the state either in the number one spot or in the top three" Shocking. I know some people out there will barely cast a shrug from what I just wrote - do you know why? Because I really believe that DUI penalties in North Dakota are too soft.

In my opinion, just the thought of what kind of consequences you could face if you are arrested here in ND for your first DUI SHOULD scare the hell out of you

I look at this and shake my head - reports that "A first-offense DUI in North Dakota is considered a Class B misdemeanor. The fine for a first-offense DUI is $500 for a BAC below .16 and $750 for a BAC of .16 or higher. Additionally, a BAC of .16 or above can get you a two-day jail sentence"     Misdemeanor????   This is what I fear the most, someone out there this weekend will leave a bar, and they will think to themself "Hey well that last time I was arrested for drinking and driving was ONLY a mistake on my part, just a misdemeanor...I'll be fine this time" - -minutes later their car crosses over and kills an innocent driver.

Yes, a mistake is a MISTAKE

But YOUR FIRST and hopefully the LAST mistake should cost you your license for at least a year - and the fine should be heavy. You can't put a price tag on a dead body.

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