I am looking forward to this big time
It is my opinion that one of the hardest jobs in the world is that of a stand-up comedian. To walk out in front of either a small or large audience and know that it's almost impossible to make EVERYONE laugh, and yet there you are as one, staring at all the faces - wow - takes guts, and confidence. Imagine though if you had a disability you were dealing with. Wouldn't that hinder your ability? Not with Drew Lynch.

I remember the first time I saw this guy...

...I will admit I felt nervous for him. You see back at the age of 19 years old when he moved to Los Angeles to try and be an actor he was involved in a freak accident. According to www2.cortland.edu while playing softball, he took a ground ball that bounced into his neck causing damage to his vocal cords. So did he quit pursuing his talents? Ask shock jock Howard Stern that question.

America's Got Talent 2015 Audition

Here is another IMAGINE THIS scenario, there you are about to walk out on stage, in front of a HUGE audience AND in front of almost all of America, AND there is one of the most recognizable smart asses in the business, Howard Stern. Sit back and be prepared to let Drew Lynch charm the heck out of you:

He crushed it, and he represented himself as an ideal role model for anyone with a disability - as Drew wonderfully said "...You can turn anything into a positive" His honesty with himself and his gifted way of making all of us feel good about ourselves is coming to the Belle Mehus - February 18th! - If I were you I wouldn't miss this show, I know I won't!


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