Here is a question to ponder - "Could a WOODSTOCK work here in North Dakota?"...

...I say absolutely. I mean why not, right? The very first WOODSTOCK was 55 years ago ( Bethel, New York ) First of all, what pops into your head when you hear that word? I immediately think of an unbelievable mass of people getting together in one general area for 2 or 3 days in a row to watch stellar bands and performances. Sadly though images run through my mind of the trash and destruction that happened back in 1999 - the last year that a WOODSTOCK was held ( Rome, New York )

So let's focus on the possibility of a North Dakota Woodstock 

Let's stay positive as we discuss what it would take to have a HUGE event like that in North Dakota - for one thing, the obvious, WHERE would you find the land, the space for 400,000 + music lovers? If you know anything about the past, the first WOODSTOCK was filled with love and peace in the air - the last one in 99 was a disaster. Violence and fires were set. There was not enough security to handle the multitude of over-heated naked trash-throwing idiots - music was just a background for many who chose to run amok. I am certain North Dakotans would add dignity and charm to a WOODSTOCK.

I've only been living here in North Dakota for over 9 years, but I am confident that WE could find a location, somewhere, big enough... throw an epic concert. Like the movie "Field of Dreams" - "Build it and they will come" - absolutely, and with the way music is these days, country's top artists easily mesh well with some past and present rock and roll giants. So what do you say? "North Dakota 2022 WOODSTOCK" - has a nice ring to it.


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