We drive by graveyards every day and don’t think twice about it; most of them are well kept and very nice and serene looking. However, there are some cemeteries in North Dakota that have a bad vibe.

The older cemeteries throughout the state tend to have some creepy stories attached to them...urban legends. Some are true, and some just rumors.

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North Dakota's Most Haunted & Creepy Graveyard

According to cheapism.com, the creepiest and most haunted cemetery in North Dakota is Riverside Cemetery in Fargo. 

As far as I can tell, it’s a well-kept place, but many have reported hearing voices in the graveyard. Not only that, but according to onlyinyourstate.com, some have said they've heard kicking sounds inside the mausoleum, as if the dead are trying to get out of their crypt.

Many of these reports came from people who were at the cemetery at night, which is odd. Why are you at a cemetery at night? You're just asking for trouble. -- Or at the very least, a trespassing charge.

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Paranormal Investigation

One paranormal investigator with "Unknown Ventures," did a tour inside of the cemetery and posted the video to YouTube. Take a look.

The History Of The Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery, I was established in the 1870's. It is the largest cemetery in the Fargo Morehead area.

According to findagrave.com, the land where the cemetery sits was originally owned by Northern Pacific Railroad.'

It was sold to a man named James Holes in 1875.

Ironic, is it not? - A man who owns a cemetery has the last name of "Holes."

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Google Maps

The first recorded burial was February 16, 1878. A woman named Climena Lowell was put to rest.

Interesting Fact: In the cemetery's early days, horse-drawn hearses would carry caskets onto the cemetery grounds.

Notable Figures Buried

Some notable figures I’ve been buried in the cemetery such as Smith Stimmel, who was a former security guard to the former US President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, William F Lemke, who was a presidential candidate in 1936, along with a former North Dakota, governor and state legislator.

The cemetery is still very active. There are dozens of burials each year, according to findagrave.com

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