North Dakota is full of foodies --myself included. We love going out and eating with our friends and family. We also love supporting small, local businesses.

Well, there’s plenty of great places to go to in the state, but there’s one that’s been named the 'best mom and pop' restaurant in North Dakota. 

Finding The Best Mom & Pop Restaurant

A company called LoveFood found at the best 'mom and pop' restaurants in each state. In order to figure this out, the the source looked at user reviews, awards and accolades, and firsthand experiences from their team to determine which restaurant is the best. 

And The Award Goes To...

You may have heard of it. Maybe not. And if that's the case, you definitely should give this Fargo eatery a try.

The Shack on Broadway in Fargo was dubbed the 'best mom and pop' restaurant in the state. Take a look:

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Best In North Dakota?

It might not look like much from the outside, but according to the source, the restaurant has homestyle cooking, a warm atmosphere, and has won several awards over the years. It also says they have a very loyal clientele.

The original owners recently retired and a long-time Shack on Broadway employee took over the business, keeping this gem alive.

Fun fact: They’re known for their famous caramel rolls. Yum!


Where is your favorite mom and pop restaurant? Where do you like to go with your family? What is the best homestyle cooking, in your opinion? 


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