As much as we love the summer months, that are many dangers that come with this long-awaited season.

Heat strokes, drowning, sunburns, sun poisoning, drowning, dangerous animals and insects -- the list goes on and on. All of these are things we should absolutely be worrying about/cautious of, but there's one danger you may have never heard of.

Water, But It's Not What You Think!

Yes, water is dangerous because of potential drowning, but that's not what I'm talking about here.

According to drinking water could pose a risk.

I'm sure you heard the story last summer: "Mom of 2 Dies of Water Intoxication." According to ABC News, she drank 64 ounces in 20 minutes, which led to her death.

While that is a tragic story and something to consider, that's still not what I'm talking about.

 No Gulping Ice Water!

When it's incredibly hot outside, nothing quenches our thirst quite like a bottle or glass of ice cold water. That said (and I'm surprised to learn this, myself) it can be pretty dangerous.

According to, there are 5 things that make drinking ice cold water dangerous.

1. Shock

On a hot summer day, or directly after a workout, ice water can shock your body. The source says there is a drastic mismatch in your body temperature and the water. This causes harm to your digestive tract and your body cannot absorb the water.

2. Decreases Heart Rate

Ice water can cause your heart rate to decrease; it stimulates your vagus nerve, which is a part of your body's nervous system. The source claims the cold water stimulates the nerve, and causes your heart rate to drop.

3. Fats Can't Break Down

Ice water can also inhibit the breakdown of fats in your body, according to the source. This is especially true after a meal. Ice water can actually solidify fats and make it tough for your body to break down.

Best practice: wait 30 minutes after your meal to consume ice water.

4. Causes Sore Throat

This is news to me, and probably explains why I have issues getting over colds and sinus infections. Cold water can actually give you a sore throat and stuffy nose. It causes your body to produce an excess of mucus, which may then cause your throat to become inflamed.

5. Restricts Digestion

The source says another big issue with drinking ice cold water is that it makes it difficult for your body to regulate its temperature. The energy being used to now regulate your body temperature after drinking ice water, would've otherwise been used digesting food and nutrients.

The source says room temperature water is best.


There you have it! Even though water is essential to life, and health, the speed AND temperature at which we consume it can make all the difference.



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