A restaurant in north Bismarck that has been closed for months has reopened.

According to our news partner KX News, the restaurant had a "temporarily closed" sign on its doors back in October of 2023.  This came as a shock to many of its customers who were caught off guard.

The restaurant that I'm speaking of is Burger King located just east of Centennial Street located at 3102 Yorktown Drive in Bismarck.

Google Maps Screenshot
Google Maps Screenshot

This Burger King is located right across from Williquors and Family Fare Supermarket.

I tried to reach out to this Burger King for comment but I could not find a working phone number.

This Burger King was owned by an ownership group out of Fargo, North Dakota called Meridian Restaurants Unlimited which filed for bankruptcy in March of 2023.

They also closed three of their Burger King restaurants in Fargo, North Dakota last year as well.  It's not known if any of the previous Fargo Burger King locations that closed have reopened as well.

It's believed this Burger King is now under new ownership.  An email sent to our station claims Dakota Restaurant Partners Incorporated reopened the restaurant.

Yours truly actually got his first taste behind a microphone working at a Burger King growing up in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

While most teenage boys were stuck behind the heat lamps making burgers or french fries, I was lucky enough to be put up front working the tills or the drive-thru.  One of the managers at the time thought I had a good voice and moved me up front.  Who knew it would be a launching pad for a radio career for me?

With that being said, the north Burger King in Bismarck is back in business.  "WELCOME TO BURGER KING CAN I TAKE YOUR ORDER?"  I wish I still got my employee discount.

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