What are our grocery stores restocking the most? Bread? Cheese? Milk?

As it turns out, it's none of those things.

What is being sold in North Dakota more than anywhere else? The answer: Hot sauce.


You know what they say, "Some like it hot," but as it turns out, North Dakotans like it the hottest.

So, now I'm questioning our cooking skills...


Condiment Craze

Maybe it's because we endure such cold winters. Maybe because of the fact that we can't warm up externally, we try to scorch our internal organs instead.

Maybe its in our genetic code. -- Because we can survive the harshest of weather conditions, we can also survive the harshest of foods.

I'm really rambling at this point. Apologies.

The Study

According to FoxBusiness.com, North Dakota leads the nation in hot sauce sales. the source claims that North Dakota sells the most hot sauce in terms of ounces per customer (5.4 ounces per customer).

Not only do we lead the nation in hot sauce sales, we're also the only state that favors a particular brand.

A Heated Debate - Favorite Brands

We are gobbling up Village Hot Sauce like nobody's business.

While most of the country opts for Huy Fong Siracha, we march to the beat of our own drum, like we do with most things.

31 states chose Hoy Fung as their favorite, while 14 states chose Franks RedHot as their favorite, making it the second most popular in the country to Huy Fong's.

I hope this information has helped you pass the time. Thanks for reading!

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