Season 28 of The Bachelor debuted last night on ABC.

32 women (the largest cast ever on the show) are trying to garner the attention of pro tennis player Joe Graziadei.  Last night each of the 32 women had a chance to make a first impression on the bachelor with all kinds of different props.

You had a woman with a limo of tennis balls falling out, a woman with a voodoo doll, and even a woman with various sizes of bananas trying to get the bachelor to disclose the size of his, let's just say racquet.

One thing is for sure, some of these woman get creative with their entrance. 

Our area local girl however opted for a more traditional entrance.  Just getting out of the limo, you could tell the bachelor had a thing for her right away.  I'm speaking of Daisy Kent from Becker, Minnesota which is located between St. Cloud and Minneapolis.  You can read more about her store here.

Later in the evening Daisy even got some alone time with the bachelor Joey, where she was one of the few women who got a kiss.

They even had a Christmas tree set up near the two, as Daisy grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Minnesota.

At the end of the episode, like always, they previewed some of the upcoming drama during this season's of The Bachelor.

If you watch closely, it usually gives you some clues about how far the contestants go in the show.  I'm pretty sure you saw Daisy and Joey back in Minnesota (hometowns).  This means she at least makes it to the final 4.

SPOILER ALERT: One online site claims Daisy Kent from Minnesota is your winner of this season's The Bachelor.

I knew it!  You could just tell the sparks were flying between them.  According to Stylecaster, sources say that Joey does eventually propose to Daisy, and she says, "Yes", and they are engaged today.

Now before you stop watching the show altogether, every season there are sites like this that make predictions and they're not always right.

Time will tell, but if The Bachelor does indeed choose Daisy, I believe he chose wisely.

Video courtesy of Bachelor Nation On ABC YouTube channel.

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