It was a Friday morning back in 2016, Eric and Cara had met up at the Northside Cafe in Grand Forks for one of their fairly regular off-campus meetings. The type of meeting where you talk about work related subjects along with the occasional personal tidbits.  Real informal and served with hash browns. It was 2016, Clinton supporters were wiping the egg off their face after getting over-easy'd by the Trump campaign.

So Cara asks Eric who he voted for...seems she didn't care for his answer.

Cara, is Cara Halgren, UND's Vice President for Student Affairs.  Eric, is Eric Plummer, her former friend and now the former UND Chief of Police.  He's also a guy that voted for Donald Trump in 2016.  He claimed that after that day, he was subject to a long line of discriminatory behavior from VP Halgren and others at the University.

Judge Hope Hogan has now ruled that UND is in fact guilty,

Guilty, in the very least, of discriminatory practices directed at their celebrated Chief of Police.  Thanks to the region's greatest blogger, Rob Port we can read everything the judge had to say. Here's from Rob in the Grand Forks Herald.

"After thoroughly reviewing the investigation report along with the attached materials, the undersigned concludes, by the greater weight of the evidence, that Halgren discriminated against Plummer due to his political beliefs or assumed political affiliation," the ruling, written by Judge Hope Hogan, concludes.

Halgren has appealed the ruling. I obtained the report through an open records request filed with UND.

And here's a PDF file if you want to read all 12 pages of the report!


So Eric Plummer resigned and snagged a similar position as Police Chief at Radford University in Virginia.  The judge's decision was appealed right away, so we really don't know what the fate will be handed down to those Trump hatin' administrators.

For goodness sakes y'all- think what you like and let others do the same!

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