Don't just drive by...stop by and say hi.

I'm a naturally curious person, but I need to train my brain to follow my curiosity more often. It seems that when I do, I'm bound to learn quite a bit and meet some really friendly folks.  Well, this week I did just that.  I was running an errand that took me down 1st Street in Northeast Mandan when I spotted this shop in what's a mostly residential area.


Shoot, let's pay a visit to Abel Gold & Silver Exchange!

Truth be told, it was the Trump memorabilia that really piqued my curiosity. I'm certainly glad I stopped by because right away I was brightly greeted by a really friendly fellow by the name of Doug Hilderman.  Doug opened Abel Gold & Silver Exchange earlier this year giving him a location to share his lifelong love of collecting.

This isn't a museum.  These pieces are most certainly for sale.

So, since it was the Trump appeal that drew me in, here are just a few of the items available at the store.  I probably should have asked Doug to take them out of the case before I took the pictures.  Glass reflects light.  Lesson learned.

Remember the Holidays are coming soon!


There's gear for men and women


There are all kinds of Trump collectibles including coins bearing his likeness.


If I was a better photographer you could see it's a bottle opener


Religious collectibles are also on display throughout the store.


Buying and selling precious metals is still the heart of Abel Gold & Silver Exchange.  Please click here to take a peek at their official website.


There's too much to dive into here, but here are some of the knife collectibles!


I guess precious metals are not really "the heart" of Doug's business


Doug wanted to create a company that places God #1 in every aspect of his company, which means you will get an outstanding product, at an extremely reasonable price, in an expedient timeframe, and if you have any issues along the way, Doug will take a special personal interest in getting them resolved as quickly as possible!!!!!


Open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm at 909 1st Street NE in Mandan

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