Well if the title of this story didn't grab your attention, maybe this will  - Imagine making an extra $2,500 a month?

Ok, so you work Monday thru Friday, I get it. Most of us do. take a second and figure out what you do on the weekends. Do you have any extra time? Let me start over, do you have any extra time to EARN some extra money?

Here are some ideas that you could use to make your weekends more profitable

Now just because you do have some extra time on the weekend doesn't mean you can just snap your fingers and the money will roll in. You'll have to do a little homework in some cases and put some effort in.

It's all on you, how much creativity and how motivated you are

These are definitely jobs that you can create, and do, in your free time.

 According to businessinsider.com here are 5- weekend jobs that can earn you an extra $2,500 a month.

5 Weekend Jobs That Earn You Some Good Money

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