This has been the source of contention for weeks.  Proponents of adding the Bismarck Legacy Boys hockey team say, "The time is now."  Players want to play for the school they attend classes with, and shouldn't have to play for another school if they have the numbers.  Opponents of adding a varsity and junior varsity team next year will severely taxi ice time in Bismarck.  The city only has 4 rinks in town.  Capital City ice Complex has two and so does the VFW arena.  Bismarck Youth hockey stands to lose the most as youth teams will have to combine practices or cut down on the number of practices each week.  This will severely jeopardize the development of our youth players, according to those who oppose a Legacy Boys team at this time.

Those in favor of adding a varsity and junior varsity Legacy Boys team say this will force the hand of Bismarck Parks and Rec or the city to create more ice.  It's interesting to note that Bismarck Parks and Rec had a new facility with ice attached to it turned down in May of 2020.  COVID-19 certainly had something do with that, but residents voted against it the new venue.

Even high school players may find themselves practicing as early as 6 am during the week.  Things will only get worse, as another hockey team will be added in the fall of 22 with a high school girls team to be added.  The Bismarck School Board voted to approve that at the last school board meeting.

This bring us to this evenings Bismarck School Board meeting.  After a long discussion that included students, to former coaches, former players, to the current Athletic Director, the board came to the decision, the city of Bismarck can support 3 schools playing varsity hockey.  The board voted and approved Legacy to have a varsity boys hockey team in 21-22.


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