A Tuesday night fire resulted in a total loss of a trailer home in a local trailer park on the East side.

The fire occurred at  265 Partridge Lane, east of Lincoln around 830 p.m.

There were reports of an explosion but this has not been confirmed as of press time.

According to the Burleigh Country Sheriff department, a female lived in the house and was home at the time of the fire being reported to officials.

KX News is reporting the quick thinking of a neighbor who saw the flames and rushed to the trailer and grabbed the woman out of the house to safety. Officials on the scene said the neighbor saved the lady's life.

The lady also had dogs living with her at the time of the blaze. There is no update on the condition of the dogs.

Bismarck Rural Fire responded to the call and was able to put the flames out after 90 minutes.


The home was a total loss and the investigation into the cause of the fire is continuing.








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