Summer is full of all kinds of fun and exciting events. One such event to look out for is the Capitol Shakespeare Theatre Group's performance at the North Dakota State Capitol.
The performances will take place July 20th through 27th and are free to the public. The shows start at 7 pm nightly.
Erin Weichel
Erin Weichel
The Group
You might be wondering why the group centers itself around William Shakespeare's work, specifically. Erin Weichel tells me his plays are still very relevant today.
"He talks of love, desire, envy, and countless other emotions with such depth and feeling that you get sucked into the characters lives in a way that doesn’t happen with other playwrights. We also believe that the way he uses the English language and the poetry he creates is beautiful to listen to," said Weichel.
Weichel also says Shakespeare needs to be heard by today's generation.
 "In a world where we shorten everything to the least amount of words or symbols it is wonderful to listen to someone take half a page to say 'I Love You,'" said Weichel.
-- Well said, if you ask me.


What's The Show?
I'm sure by now you're wondering which play they will be doing; "Merry Wives of Windsor" was chosen for this special performance. I asked Weichel why they chose this play; she says it will bring a lot of laughs.
"It has lots of physical humor, an incredibly fast pace and ridiculous situations.  It is funny to read on the page but even funnier to watch it happen on stage," said Erin Weichel.
Weichel tells me the play is a comedy set in the 1950's. For more information, visit the group's website.

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