A local business has been working on expanding their services to Mandan. Lincoln Repair is made an announcement on its Facebook page, announcing the businesses' second location would be opening soon.

When Will The Doors Open?

According to the post, they plan to open on December 1st of this year (2022). This is great, because this will allow for you to get your car in for maintenance and repairs before we get into the worst part of Winter.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late, As They Say

If you're like me, and you've been putting off taking your car in for a while, I wouldn't wait to get something scheduled. Better safe than breaking down in the worst part of a North Dakota Winter, I say.


The post also indicated that they would soon be setting up phone lines at that location, so they can start booking appointments.


The new Lincoln Repair is located at 4221 Old Red Trail, West of the Baymont, in Mandan. Something you should know is, that they built this shop from the ground up; it's entirely new.

The original repair shop will still operate as usual. It's located at 4131 Hagen Ave. in Bismarck.

Side note: I go to Lincoln Repair; they are super nice, and helpful.


That's what you need to know for now. It's exciting seeing local businesses thrive and grow in our community. It's also exciting to know that there is another location I can go when I inevitably mess up my car and/or find myself in car-related peril.



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