No, the coyotes aren't looking for teams, but I'll tell you who is-


Now would be a good time to explain where Reynolds, North Dakota is located.  Reynolds is a town of 301 people just off 1-29 about 20 miles south of Grand Forks. Interesting Reynolds factoid- the county line runs through town, so it's in both Traill and Grand Forks counties! Told you is was interesting!  Now back to killing coyotes...over their objections of course.

Taxidermied howling coyote, sepia toned and grunged for effect.

Coyote's are probably the most disliked varmint of them all.  They kill dogs, cats, chickens, deer, mice, fox and all kinds of other critters (excluding roadrunners).  So getting a contest together to thin the pack can't be wrong right?

The competitive hunt check-in day is January 22nd at the Beehive Bar in Reynolds (now under new ownership!).  Taker a look at their Facebook page says the price is "free" and the duration is one day.   Odd, because there's a 60% payout to the top 3 teams with the rest going to charity. But since it says "free", if you're that charity, I wouldn't start making any big plans for that money.  So, it's got to cost something. The actual hunt isn't until Saturday January 23rd, but at least one team member has to be there for Friday's check-in.  So, if you're traveling from Bis/Man you'll need food and lodging- most likely provided by the Beehive Bar (now under new ownership).

I got to thinking that there used to be another coyote killing competition in the western side of the state.  My hunch was right on- and it's coming up even sooner!  According to it's the North Dakota Night Championship and it's coming up Saturday January 9th in Dickinson- and they're awarding cash and belt buckles!  See a link to that story here.

So you now have two events that'll send you to all ends of the state in a quest to kill them coyotes.  Keep in mind the Wiley ones shop at ACME and may have plans of their own..

detonating fuse and dynamite on mine

Stay safe y'all!

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