With all of the crazy events taking place recently across the U.S., and a clear sign of division in the country, one Bismarck woman is hoping to bring people together.

She is hoping to organize a large gathering of people this Saturday at the Capitol in Bismarck for a 'Coming Together in Harmony.' According to the Facebook event:

ND needs to show the country what it means to come together in harmony! All would be welcome! Wear red white and blue! We should all gather at the capital and form a human ☮ peace sign and go viral so all can see what it really means to be an american. That we are one nation ☮💜 Date and time maybe subject to change.. i will be speaking to the capital tomorrow. Thanks! Invite your friends☮

As of this posting, the event only has 21 confirmed guests. The gathering, if you want to attend is scheduled for 4pm. It's not clear who would organize everyone into making a peace sign and who would take the picture.

In another Facebook group though, the event organizer does not seem to be 100% set on the date and time so it is important to keep checking the Facebook event for the most up-to-date day and time.

However, if successful, admittedly, it would be pretty darn cool. If you are interested in attending, state your intentions on the Facebook event so others know they won't be wasting their time if they also want to attend.

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