It's the final stretch with Christmas on the way and the holiday hangover soon to follow.  It's far too late to suggest you stop stressing this season, that's what the spiked eggnog is all about.  Just maybe a few random thoughts that may resonate for the next Christmas season that begins promptly at midnight December 26th.

Here's my opinion...

You can not affect the Christmas compulsions of others but realize that ultimately YOU do control YOU.

Don't feel like you're in control?  Then there is a good place to start.  Everyone has a personal perspective about Christmas.  We all have different ways and reasons we celebrate the season, many don't participate in major celebrations at all.  If you're fine with being alone on Christmas, or your celebration is small in nature, there's nothing wrong with that. But friends and co-workers look at you like they are about to break out in tears because they feel so bad for you.

Here's what I'm saying...stop trying to control the Christmas of others.

I started resisting the "because you have to" sentiment at an early age and it's an attitude that still fits me after all these years.  I'm not anti-Christmas.  I put up outdoor holiday lights, Brenda and I put up the tree, and goodness sakes I even joined her for a four and a half-hour holiday shopping trip. Which for me is pretty unheard of...but it was my choice.

Christmas Eve we'll be up north in Minot to spend time with my family. Work responsibilities on Christmas Day will have us returning back to Bismarck Friday night. After work Saturday, it's Christmas with Brenda's family which is an extended affair in the basement of a local church.

So this week there's a flurry of baking activities in preparation for the gatherings. Me, I decided to shop locally and enlist the services of a Bismarck bakery and eatery to assist in my food responsibilities.  Purists may look down on my outside efforts, but as I'm trying to express to you- the opinions and actions of others should not impact your Christmas experience.

This Christmas, you do you.

(It might be too late for 2021 but moving forward consider prioritizing your own peace of mind.  It might even make peace on earth a little more obtainable)

Merry Christmas!

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