One of the things I love so much about my job is meeting new people...AND animals too! Yesterday 96-5 The Fox and I were out at Elk Ridge Park and what a beautiful day. Families were enjoying the weather and stopping by to visit the H.I.P.P Kids Therapy booth. You should have seen the huge smiles and eyes wide open from the children who stopped by to pet some baby goats and a pig. Brittany Schock and her sisters Brenna and Bailey, accompanied by her husband Wyatt Mack made so many people happy - and that's what they do best! H.I.P.P Kids Therapy's goal is to enrich the quality of life for children, enabling them to grow and achieve their highest functional, behavioral, social, and developmental potential. This is their 5th year, and you can reach them at 701-220-9310. Here is their website for you to check out -hippkidstherapyI love what H.I.P.P is short for - Horses Inspiring People's Potential - Perfect!

Let me tell you a little about Brittany - She is an Occupational Therapist and her whole life she has always enjoyed working with kids and horses - "This is my dream job"  she told me. That alone says it all, that's the key to life, in my opinion, doing what you LOVE to do. H.I.P.P Kids Therapy is a nonprofit organization - Brittany helps motivate children with her services - guiding those who need some help improving their self-awareness, confidence, and social and emotional growth.

What a perfect job, to be surrounded by your sisters, husband, and wonderful animals. Here is the bottom line, Brittany makes a difference in people's lives!



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