We have all heard the expression "reach out and touch someone" - a short but sweet phrase meaning to make emotional contact with another human being. You can also break it down mentally instead of strictly physical - people "touch others" every day through social media, painful sad words from the heart posted on someone's Facebook page ALWAYS slays me. Here in Mandan though, on May 15th,  An event is scheduled that makes me think of Olivia Newton-John singing "Let's get physical - physical - I wanna get physical - Let me HEAR YOUR MOTOR (Truck) RUN" -

            The Bismarck Tribune's Tom Stromme reported today that the Mandan Progress Organization is bringing back its Touch a Truck event this spring, for curious children and job-seeking teens and adults. Due to the pandemic, last year an obviously much more subdued show was restricted to a coloring book activity for the children. This year bring it on! Let's talk about all the sizes of trucks that will parade down Main Street - from heavy equipment to emergency vehicles, and the impressive construction trucks. Right alongside all of the equipment will be the operators who will proudly tell all the children about their machines.

              "Touch a Truck was created by a group of MPO members who recognized an opportunity to bring big machines and little kids together,”   Layn Mudder Board President said. The Touch a Truck hours will be from 11 am to 3 pm - There are prizes for the first 1,500 kids who attend - a Truck a Truck cinch sack. 

For more information, go to www.MandanProgress.org/touch-a-truck.html.

Get out and enjoy the day, and never forget the huge smiles on your kid's faces!

      P.S. No word yet if Olivia will make it.



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