Never ceases to amaze me of all the potential scam artists out there. They seem to attack everywhere, through your personal e-mails, phone calls, and now they are leaving notes on your door here in Bismarck. Anyway humanly possible these thieves attempt to gather your information, they certainly will try. According to the Bismarck Tribune "City officials are cautioning Bismarck residents to be on the lookout for notes on their doors stating house numbers will be painted on curbs in exchange for a $20 fee" 

First of all, if you receive one of these notes, ALWAYS check the spelling - wouldn't surprise me if the scammer or scammers misspelled FEE. Second, look for a legitimate address, or phone number. Bismarck Tribune added that Police Lt. Luke Gardiner said “This is not sanctioned by the City of Bismarck, and there has been no permit issued for this type of door-to-door sale,”  

I find it hard to believe that if these rip-off artists are smart enough to have come up with this door-door idea, WHY didn't they think of just how many people have front door camera securities set up these days? Unless they have a robot walking around or a drone with enough technology to attach a note to a front door, someone WILL get recognized. Lastly, City Engineer Gabe Schell said that "Police, fire and ambulance personnel are trained to look for numbers on a house. They also use computer-aided dispatching and mapping software to find an address"- Bismarck Tribune.

So far the Lunar Lane area was the only place reported that had the notes on the doors.


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