"What happened to Taqueria El Guerro Mexican Restaurant in Mandan?"  Several of my co-workers kept asking me that question. It's a very popular Mexican restaurant, that we all frequent here at work quite a bit.  You see, they had a sign that said "CLOSED" since Thanksgiving.  I even asked the people next door at the Red Carpet Convenience store if they knew what was going on.  They told me, "No, and we wish we did, so people would quit asking!"

There was some speculation, that the popular Mexican restaurant on the strip had closed it's doors forever due to COVID-19.  However, those rumors proved to be untrue, as the store opened it's doors back up on March 1st.

Taqueria El Gerro actually closes down every year from roughly Thanksgiving to January 1st.  The owners usually take their vacation during that time according to Alex Rangel, who's one of the managers of the store.  The reason for the extra downtime this year was because the store was remodeling.

Here's some shots of the new store.  It's got several new changes including a fresh coat of paint and is much brighter than previously inside.

Rick Rider
Rick Rider
Rick Rider

Taqueria El Guerro bills themselves as serving the finest Mexican food in the area. Using traditional family recipes, they give you a taste of Mexico like you've never had. They also have a tasty, kid-friendly menu, and they offer a wide variety of beers and wine coolers too.  And, if you're looking for a new job, they're currently looking for help.


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