There's nearly 360 cities across the state of North Dakota… and apparently Mandan is the best one.

At least that's how the North Dakota League of Cities feels as they met for their annual conference over the weekend in Fargo.

A Facebook post from the City of Mandan on Sunday stated that the city adjacent to the capitol city was given the honor of 'City of the Year.'

According to the City of Mandan, some of the reasons the city received the award was due to the opening of the Starion Sports Complex, which is the home for Mandan hockey, gymnastics, track, and football. Additionally, the completion of the Family Wellness Center was cited.

Mandan was also credited with bringing about change and progress.

The city has another development plan in the spotlight as they work to convert the old Central Market into…something. Earlier this year, the city purchased the property and they are working with a development group to convert the property possibly into an event hall among other ideas.

Mandan was named the City of the Year on Sept. 30, 2017.

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