Great to see the hardest working educators get some notoriety, especially in Mandan. So according to the Bismarck Tribune  Shawna Huber got the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce's Secondary Education Outstanding Teacher of the Year award. She Teaches English language arts and has been teaching for 18 years!

So many times our teachers have overlooked. Especially the Middle school teachers who at times are called babysitters  ( I have 2 sisters that teach middle school ) So it's really great to see some kudos go out to this thankless vocation.

The amount of patience you have to have with the students, as well as their parents, is tremendous. ( Sometimes the parents are worse than the students). So to hear this story about this teacher is pretty cool!

Congrats Shawna! Hope you treat yourself to a nice Victory ice cream Sundae!

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