This will take a little thing on your part.  Plan ahead of time and maybe everyone else won't be trying your "go-round".  But here's the story for Thursday on North Collins/Hwy 1806/Old Red Trail for Thursday.

Just be patient and your roundabout will be done soon.


Sept. 29, 2021

For More information contact

Engineering & Planning Director Justin Froseth, ph. 667-3225


Highway 1806 N temporary road closure planned for Thursday, Sept. 30

To complete paving of the remaining asphalt at the new roundabout, Highway 1806 N will be temporarily closed on Thursday, Sept. 30 from the roundabout at Old Red Trail to 27th Street NW. No access will be available during the paving of the north section of roadway. The temporary closure will begin at 8:30 a.m. and remain in place until approximately 3 p.m. To avoid flaggers, traffic from the north is encouraged to detour by taking 27th Street NW to the west.

Access will be available to those traveling from the west, east, and south with flaggers directing traffic.

Drivers are asked to plan accordingly and use caution when driving in the area.

Here from the City of Mandan release/website.

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good luck y'all.

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