Bismarck businesses you may want to move to this busy busy intersection too!

Seriously this is one busy busy intersection!  As the primary supporter of the "Mandan Build A Bridge For McKenzie Drive Movement", I can tell you there will ALWAYS be traffic at this intersection.  I can say that because I must be the only member of the MBaBfMDM initiative. Because I bring it up ALL the time and nobody jumps on board...for that conspiracy story click here. So South Mandan is being knowingly herded past this corner everyday.  Making it busy busy indeed.

So what new and exciting business concept/complex can lay claim to one of the busiest intersections in the region?

It's got it all! Two liquor stores within four blocks. Tacos, burgers, pizza, all within walking distance. Banks? The area already has so many banks and credit unions- you don't have to build a new one! Seriously, you don't.

So what should go in this huge space?  Plenty of free parking! Easy railway access!

attachment-McGowan parking

Tesla dealership? Drive-In-Theater? Super Sonic? Popeyes? Paint Ball?  Laser Tag? Water Park? Make-Out Park? Miniature Golf? Railroad Museum? Another Used Car Lot?  Planeterium? Peacock Sanctuary? Strip Club?

If strip clubs were to come back- Mandan should be prepared...cause they were good at it.

The location once was Ressler/Kupper/Kramer Subaru, but now Kramer has moved their Subaru dealership out to a spiffy new location out on the Old Red Trail.  You would not believe how many hoops a dealership has to jump through to open up a new "brand" location like that...they's gonna need to move some Subarus to pay for it.  But, they're pretty darn nice vehicles so here's hoping.

The new location makes sense with the new high school location joining the junior high up in North Mandan, am I the only one that thinks it's curious new major Mandan expansion is now in the shadow of an oil refinery? Odd.  Progress could move to South Mandan, but there's not a bridge for McKenzie Drive!  If you didn't click it's another chance! 

Sorry, there I go again...The question is- What exciting new business development should be created at the corner of 1806 and Main in Mandan?

Get Out And See North Dakota!!!


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