On Friday, protesters in Bismarck made themselves visible arguing against the practice of circumcision.

The protesters caused some heated discussion to take place regarding the practice on social media. Others were upset that the protesters made their point by painting a giant red spot in an inappropriate area.

One woman decided to start a counter-protest across the street from the Bismarck Elks by holding a sign that said 'Snip It' while holding up garden shears.

The woman in the video claimed she was from Mandan and was arguing back and forth with one of the protesters. The protester claimed the woman was threatening him with a weapon.

The text overlay on the video as well as the video description states that the police were called and forced the woman to put the shears back in her car.

You can watch the video exchange above. The video was taken by the circumcision protester. Note that there is some inappropriate language in the video.

This protester appears to have been involved in similar circumcision protests elsewhere around the country. His YouTube channel has more videos of people confronting him and other protesters.

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