It was a pretty quite first weekend at Sturgis Bike Rally, but there is one major complaint. What happened to the parking on Main Street?

After speaking to many friends at the rally this first weekend, there was one major complaint, and if you're a veteran of the rally, you'll notice it right away. Where's all the parking on Main Street.

In years past, there were several rows of parking on Main Street, but now with the completion of a beautification project by the city, it has reduced parking for the rally. This project was started over a year ago, and you may have noticed some of the construction last year. The project was complete weeks before the 77th annual rally.

The complaint is, there is not enough parking on Main Street. New lights  were added to Main Street which make the area much brighter and the decorative areas near intersections in downtown, which some say, this area stick out too far.

Depending on who you talk to will depend on the opinion you hear. Some visitors appreciate the new streets and up-grade, while some think it was too much that takes away from the classic feel of the historic town.

Never the less, when you return to Sturgis, you'll notice a new feel to downtown and a new arrangement to parking on Main Street.

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