Sometimes on Twitter, you find an account that you can't avoid following because it's just too funny.

Back in the day, before streaming video was as big as it is today, there was a business where you could rent VHS tapes and DVDs, known as Blockbuster Video.

People would rush to get the 'New Releases' on the days they came out. Sometimes the movie you wanted was out of stock. These days, you never see a streaming service send a message that says, "Sorry, the movie you're looking for is out of stock." You can see how developed technology killed Blockbuster Video's business plan.

Their video stores are all but extinct. However, there is one hilarious Twitter account that claims to be "The Last Blockbuster." Their Twitter handle is @loneblockbuster. See for yourself.


As you can see, The Last Blockbuster's got jokes.

If you're wondering about the existing Blockbuster Video stores, as of April 2017, there were 12 remaining. Of those 12 stores, 9 are in Alaska.

Thank you for making our days on Twitter more enjoyable, The Last Blockbuster!


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