Here's a beautiful story about a kid with a superhero heart. 

Marcus Eli's family has been dealing with financial issues but that didn't stop the 5-year old from giving back to the community.

Here's a little background about Marcus:

The Rainbow baby was diagnosed with 18 Q deletion syndrome, has had 20 procedures widening his ear canals and just learned how to speak at 4years old. He also has seizures, a soft skull, and a mild spina bifida. The kid has obviously a rough road ahead of him.

That didn't stop him from handing out money certificates to those in need across Bismarck, helping fill a food pantry and actually using his own gift card that he got as a present to buy ingredients to make baked goods for first responders.

"My heart just feels a little big right now. And it's feeling kind of happy," said Marcus.

It's so uplifting to hear stories like this from a child that needs all the help he can get. Yet he gives all that he has instead.

What a great kid!

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