He was a Republican from Cass County. WHAT?


And he worked together with a long line of Democrats to get a boatload of stuff done for North Dakota in the 1960s, and 1970s, and 1980s.  This guy almost became governor in 1962 at age 36.  He lost to popular guy, William Guy.  But he only lost by 2,000 votes!

Mark Andrews went off to run for the North Dakota House Of Representatives and stayed comfy there for a longtime.  Looking at his story, which is here in his wikipedia entry, Mark Andrews was a true Ag guy.. As any representative from North Dakota needs to be.  For decades that's literally been our "bread" and butter (plus pasta).

And corn, and potatoes, and soybeans...Markets go up. Markets go down.  Farmers are under the same pressures today.  But, I'm just chatting about Mark Andrews.

Back in August, I wrote what I thought to be a pretty good story about North Dakota's recent history of the red party working together with the blues to get things done. Give it a read by clicking here.  I mean, you've come this far. One more chance to click it.

Mark Andrews was elected to the House of Representatives from 1964-1981.  Seventeen years of running for re-election every two years! He popped up to win a Senate seat from 1981-1987,  In a sneaky win Kent Conrad sent Andrews packing in 1987 by once again- 2,000 votes.

Mark Andrews had what it took . His representation of this state should be greatly applauded.

Mark Andrews has passed away at age 94.  Thanks for your very public service.

Since I didn't trust you to click the earlier link. Read on below about how North Dakota was pretty politically blue a short time ago.

A Short History Of The Red And The Blue

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